Contact Us? Sure!  Or, really- why??

Mailing address??

I don't think so..let's just stick with emails OK? We don't want any unexpected overnight guests...


Our Email Address is “anything” at

    or    contact ‘at’


Phone Numbers? Sha- like I don't have enough people trying to call me and sell me aluminum siding!

           Buy my stuff!                           Or                             buy my book(s)!


So, thanks for visiting my site. I add pictures whenever possible. Since the Army has us moving so often, there are usually photos of some sort of adventure to post. Check back often!

Oh baby oh baby. OK- this picture had nowhere else to go. This is my dream car- a supercharged 340 Duster. I'll race rice-burners with fart packs for pink slips, sell them, and then use the money to keep replacing the tires!

                                                                             As a famous Sheik said, ‘and I even like the color’