The Wills Girls  - Alyssa

Text Box: - ATTENTION- 
You will notice in these photos that Alyssa suffers from the horrible affliction of Can’tdecideonahaircoloritis. It’s a terrible affliction that seems to ravage this child. You should send me a buck to help defray the hair salon costs...

Alyssa Wills - the youngest of the children mainly because of the date of her birth.

     When she was younger, she was referred to as the Child God. She would stand on her highchair (a smaller version of Olympus) and demand food from those around her. If some sort of food was not offered to the Child God quickly, she would show her wrath in a most vocal manner. Even the neighbors would hear her displeasure. 

     This vocal child tends to sing. Often. At great length. At any time of day. While we lived in Monterey, California and she was a toddler, she would go into the yard and sit on her swing and sing to the sun as it rose. Loudly. The neighbors were understanding and never called the police. I have to mention at this point that maybe I did consider allowing dolphins (this time the pacific white-sided variety) to raise her. But I won't sign any statements to that effect.

     This youngster still sings today, performing in her church choir, and two school chorus programs- regular and selective/competition. She also had a leading role in a local performing group's musical rendition of School House Rock, performed in Cats, Titanic, Oliver, and something else written by some dead English guy that I can’t remember at the moment.  She’s looking at a role in Hairspray if things work out.

Now-a-days, Alyssa spends her time attending classes at Valencia Community College. Except for when she doesn’t. When she doesn’t, she’s working at Sea World in their Entertainment Department. She’s a dolphin. You may have seen her jumping through hoops and eating fish. No, not really. But she does play a dolphin in costume. As well as several other like-sized (costume) characters.